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NS Delmarva Secondary Branch (Delmarva Peninsula)

Hello everyone! My name is David and, I am so completely deaf person. I live in mid of Delaware on Kent County area.

I am alot railfan most on NS Delmarva Secondary Branch trackside often. Sometime I railfan around on Indian River Secondary Branch.

NS Delmarva Secondary Branch (Newark, Delaware - Pocomoke, Maryland) about 160 miles.

NS Indian River Secondary Branch (Harrington, Delaware (WYE) - Frankford, Delaware) at least 40 miles as begin off from NS Delmarva Secondary branch spot around on the NS Harrington yard in Harrington, DE.

Needs more info about NS Delmarva and Indian River Secondary so here site go you,

Which I am seen any different kind of Norfolk Southern trains symbols which those are different come from.
Norfolk Southern trains those are from Pennsylvania to Delaware and, Delaware to Pennsylvania. Norfolk Southern trains runs around in Delaware for 24/7. 

Here Norfolk Southern symbols:
*There are few a bit of replaced to new symbols for NS by 2-3 years ago*

NS 12G (Manifest) - Daily - Conway, Pennsylvania to Harrington, Delaware.

NS 13G (Manifest) - Daily - Harrington, Delaware to Conway, Pennsylvania.

NS M2G (Manifest) *Extra* - Depends their schedules plans. Around evening or late evening - Conway, PA to Harrington, DE.

NS M3G (Manifest) *Extra* - Depends their schedules plans. Around early morning or morning - Harrington, DE to Conway, PA.

*NS 62W (Loaded stone) Anytime as depends with their schedules to plans when they arrives Delaware from PA. - Birdsboro, PA to Dagsboro, DE., (They will plans to stop at Edgemoor, DE for change crew after that).

* NS 63W (Empties stone) - Anytime as depends with facility uploads per day until they getting empties. - Dagsboro, DE to Birdsboro, PA., (Also, they will plans to stop at Edgemoor, DE for changes crew after that).

NS 568 (Loaded coal) - Anytime as depends when they arrives to Delaware from coal field and, mid-west. - Monongahela coal fields, Bluefield coal fields, Powder River Basin, WY, to Millsboro, DE., 

NS 852 (Loaded coal) - As similar like to NS 568 trains as samething does like that. - Millsboro, DE to coal mine fields and, mid-west.

NS 567 (Empties coal) - Until they getting empty previous about 3 day per before they leaving., Millsboro, DE to coal fields and, mid-west.

NS 897 (Empties coal) - Similar like to NS 567 trains samething does like that., - Millsboro, DE to coal mine fields and, mid-west.

NS 58K (Loaded grain) - Anytime and, morning or night - Midwest to Cannon, Delaware and/or Delmar, Delaware.

NS 42K (Loaded grain) - Anytime and, morning or night - Midwest to Cannon, Delaware and/or Delmar, Delaware.

NS 51K (Empties grain) Anytime and, afternoon - Lower Delaware to mid-west.

NS 51R (Empties grain) As like similar to NS 51K trains., - Lower Delaware to mid-west.
(NS 67T are replaced to new NS 62W trains) ex-NS 67T (Loads Stone) - Anytime and, early morning - Birdsboro, PA to Millsboro, DE. On NS Indian River Secondary

(NS 67V are replaced to new NS 63W trains) ex-NS 67V (Empties Stone) - Anytime and, late night - Millsboro, DE to Birdsboro, PA. On NS Indian River Secondary

You may browse my collection of pictures via the menu located on the left hand side of the page.  I hope you enjoy the collection and thanks for stopping by!

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